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Banking Jobs, Finance Jobs, Bank Jobs

Banking Jobs, Finance Jobs, Bank Jobs

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"The proof is in the pudding!"  Our recruiters work together cooperatively to make placements and it works!  Below are just some of the recent banking positions filled by our network. If you're looking for a new job opportunity, you're in the right place - Register FREE and start looking for your dream job! 

  • V.P. Commercial Real Estate Lender:  $130,000 - CA
    California banking recruiter posted a commercial banking job to Banking & FS Career Network and a local California real estate lender applied online for the position. Local candidate for a local job.
  • Senior Credit Officer:  $85,000 - TN
    Senior credit officer registered his resume online and a Tennessee banking recruiter found his resume in the Banking & FS Career Network database. It pays to post your resume. Don’t wait to be discovered.
  • Bank President:  $200,000 - IL
    Colorado banking recruiter had the job for a Bank President and another Illinois banking recruiter knew of a community Banking President who wanted to relocate back to Colorado. All of our banking recruiters have a natural reach and functional specificity.
  • Senior Credit Analyst:  $75,000 - GA
    A senior credit analyst registered on our website and completed a dream job alert and asked to be notified when a position matching his dream job became available. A Georgia banking recruiter alerted his banking jobs on the Banking & FS Career Network and the position and location was a perfect match. It pays to tell us about your dream job.
  • V.P. Commercial Lender:  $80,000 - VA
    A Pennsylvania Commercial Lender wanted to relocate to Virginia. He registered on our site and found a Virginia banking recruiter who specializes in placing commercial lenders in Virginia. The Virginia banking recruiter contacted a few of his client decision makers and quickly arranged 3 interviews. The Pennsylvania Commercial Lender received 3 offers and accepted one at a substantial increase in pay and in the exact location he wanted. It pays to know banking recruiters who can help you leverage your career.
  • V.P. Credit Administrator:  $115,000 - NC
    An Oklahoma banking recruiter posted a credit job for a V.P. Credit Administrator located in North Carolina. The V.P. Credit candidate applied online for the job. The executive recruiter and the candidate agreed that the position was not a good fit for the candidate. Shortly thereafter, another similar position became available and the V.P. Credit Administrator accepted the position with a substantial increase in compensation.
  • Mortgage Loan Processor:  $70,000 - AZ
    Arizona recruiter posted a mortgage banking job in Arizona. A Colorado recruiter knew a mortgage loan processor who was looking for a better career opportunity. The Colorado recruiter called the Arizona recruiter and introduced the Loan Processor. Arizona recruiter got the Processor hired. Another great example of networking.
  • V.P. SBA Lender:  $75,000 - OH
    A V.P. SBA Lending was hired through an Ohio banking recruiter who found the SBA Lender’s resume in the Banking & FS Career Network database. The SBA Lender had been invited to come to the site by a Banking recruiter in New Jersey.
  • Banking Chief Information Officer:  $165,000 - FL
    Florida banking recruiter posted the position to the Banking & FS Career Network. The Banking Chief Information Officer was living in Iowa and was interested in jobs in Florida. He registered on the site and saw the position and was hired.
  • Agricultural Lender:  $65,000 - MN
    A Banking recruiter located in North Dakota was working on an Agricultural Lending job in Minnesota. The banking recruiter had set up a candidate search alert to notify him when an Agricultural Lender registered in the Banking & FS Career Network. The automated search alerted him to the registration of a new Agricultural Lender who was open to relocating to Minnesota from Iowa. It happened because the Agricultural Lender registered on the Banking & FS Career Network.
  • Trade Analyst:  $85,000 - NY
    A finance recruiter in New York was contacted by a Trade Analyst in New York who located the finance recruiter from the Banking & FS Career Network. This resulted in the Trade Analyst getting a new job for more money and a much shorter commute.
  • Debit Card Product Manager:  $113,000 - TX
    A credit card recruiter had a credit card position for a Debit Card Product Manager in Texas and shared the job with other banking recruiters in the Banking & FS Career Network. Another credit card recruiter in Canada introduced a Debit Card Product Manager, who lived in Illinois but really wanted to relocate back to Texas, to the recruiter with the banking job in Texas. Another example of successful cooperative networking.
  • V.P. Asset based Lender:  $132,000 - IN
    Banking recruiter in Chicago who specializes in filling Asset Based Lending jobs posted a search assignment for an Asset Based Lender.
  • Commercial Loan Officer:  $125,000 - IL
    Ohio banking recruiter had a Commercial Banking job in Illinois. The recruiter had set up an automatic search alert to let him know when a candidate matching his requirements registered on the site Banking & FS Career Network. The recruiter called the candidate the first day that the candidate registered on the Banking & FS Career Network and the candidate was hired shortly thereafter.
  • Fiduciary Expert Trust:  $100,000 - CA
    One of our international banking recruiters; who normally only does International Banking jobs, had a position for a Trust Fiduciary Expert in California. The candidate registered on the Banking & FS Career Network and the banking recruiter saw his resume. The recruiter reported that the resume was not very well written, but he called the candidate anyway. He found that the candidate had great experience, high energy level, very positive and very professional with a great personality. The candidate got the job with a 50% increase in salary. Moral of the story? Resumes don’t tell the whole story.
  • V.P. Cash Management Sales:  $100,000 - CA
    Banking recruiter in San Diego had the job in Los Angeles and had posted the job to the Banking & FS Career Network. A Banking recruiter in Los Angeles saw the position on the network and called the San Diego banking recruiter and told him about a great candidate he knew who was located in Los Angeles.
  • Cash Management Sales:  $110,000 - CA
    A banking recruiter in Los Angeles had a search assignment for a cash management sales job in Southern California and a banking recruiter in San Diego called the Los Angeles recruiter with a perfect match. The recruiters reversed roles on this hire where the recruiter with the first job now had the candidate and the recruiter with the candidate now had the job.
  • Training Coordinator Designer:  $96,836 - CA
    Banking recruiter in Idaho had a position with a firm that consults and sells training courses to banks. The client wanted someone that had a bank training program background. The recruiter posted the job to the Banking & FS Career Network and the perfect candidate applied to her job and the match was.
  • Product Marketing Manager Credit Cards:  $75,000 - TX
    A credit card recruiter in Louisiana had the job posted to the Banking & FS Career Network and another credit card recruiter in Canada saw the job and called and introduced a great candidate who wanted to relocate to Texas. So from Louisiana to Canada to Texas just shows you how wide the network reach can be.
  • Trust Officer:  $95,000 - NY
    A bank recruiter in NY had a personal trust job posted to the Banking & FS Career website. The candidate was employed but not content, so he registered on the Banking & FS Career Network and created his dream job search alert. Guess what happened? You’re right! Recruiter’s job came up as a perfect match for what the Bank Trust Officer was looking for and a great match was made.
  • Business Service Manager, Credit Union Job:  $75,000 - MI
    A recruiter in Indiana who usually just does accounting recruiting had a credit card job that their client asked them to help fill. The recruiter posted the job to the Banking & FS Career Network and another recruiter who does specialize in bank recruiting introduced a perfect candidate that did not require any relocation.
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  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer:  $148,000 - PA
    A banking recruiter in Ohio had the confidential search for a CREO in Pennsylvania. The recruiter found the resume of a great candidate who lived in Pennsylvania and was perfect for the job. It pays to post your resume so recruiters can help you "be discovered".
  • Relationship Manager:  $120,000 - CA
    A banking recruiter in Tennessee had a position in northern California as a relationship manager for a community bank. The location was a fairly small town in Northern California. The banking recruiter in Tennessee posted the job to the Banking & FS Career Network and a great candidate saw the job and applied. Everything fit perfectly on both sides.
  • Business Banker:  $65,000 - IN
    A banking recruiter in Texas had a confidential position for a Business Banker in Indiana and posted the position to the Banking & FS Career Network. Another recruiter located in NC saw the job a referred a candidate who lived in Nebraska who wanted to relocate back to Indiana.
  • Financial Analyst Job:  $76,000 - IL
    A finance recruiter in Chicago posted a financial job for a Financial Analyst on the Banking & FS Career Network and a local Financial Analyst applied and was hired for $76,000 and a much shorter commute.
  • EVP Wealth Management:  $110,000 - MA
    A recruiter who specializes in wealth management and private bank jobs posted a EVP Wealth Management job to the Banking & FS Career Network. The candidate had applied to one of the recruiter jobs about 7 months ago but nothing came of it. The recruiter was re-contacted by the candidate and the candidate was hired as EVP Wealth Management with a base salary of $100,000 in Massachusetts.
  • Collections Manager:  $55,000 - MD
    Maryland bank recruiter had a collections manager job for a bank in a small town in Maryland. A collections manager saw the job and applied online. Candidate lived about 15 minutes from the position.
  • Business Development Officer:  $75,000 - WV
    A Maryland bank recruiter posted a bank BDO job to and a candidate who was working in a mortgage banking job applied and the recruiter almost disregarded the resume. Upon closer review, he saw that the candidate had previous experience as a Banking Business Development Officer and wanted to relocate back to West Virginia.
  • Portfolio Manager:  $82,000 - VA
    A banking recruiter who works the Northern Virginia marketplace had a Portfolio Manager job with some unusual requirements. The client required the candidate to have some experience lending to churches and experience managing high net worth individuals. Another banking recruiter in Florida knew of a great candidate who was located in Atlanta, GA but wanted to relocate back to Northern Virginia. Another great example of the value of cooperative networking.
  • National Account Sales Manager – Mortgage Banking:  $105,000 - KY
    A mortgage recruiter had a mortgage banking job for a National Sales Account Manager job in mortgage banks. He posted the job to and a Mortgage Banking National Accounts Sales Manager saw the job and applied. The National Account Sales Manager job was in Kentucky and the candidate was in Kentucky.
  • Cash Management Product Manager:  $80,000 - OH
    A banking recruiter in Florida who specializes in cash management jobs had a Cash Management Product Manager job in Ohio. A banking recruiter in North Carolina had a great candidate who lived in Ohio. The candidate got more money and a shorter commute.
  • Managing Director Structured Finance:  $160,000 - WI
    A Chicago recruiter who specializes in structured finance jobs nationally posted his job for managing director structured finance on the website. A candidate who lived in Chicago applies online and the rest is history. Happy client, happy candidate, and happy recruiter.
  • Loan Review Manager:  $120,000 - NE
    A bank recruiter in Nebraska had a position for a loan review manager in Omaha. Another banking recruiter in PA knew of a great candidate for the job that he saw posted on the website. The two banking recruiters worked cooperatively together to get the loan review manager candidate hired. Another great example of successful networking and smart use of technology.
  • EVP Operational Director:  $100,000 - OK
    A bank in Oklahoma had been working with another recruiter to fill their job for an EVP operational director without success. The bank called our corporate office and asked if we had a member who could help them fill the operational director job.  We provided the bank with the name of one of our members who lives in Oklahoma and really knew the market. The banking recruiter in OK quickly filled the job that had been open for 10 months.
  • 401K Business Development Officer:  $82,000 - VA
    A banking recruiter member in OK had a 401K BDO job in VA and posted the job to our website. A BDO in VA responded and was hired for the opportunity. The candidate had set up a job search client for this exact type of opportunity in VA. It pays to set up your dream job alert.
  • Treasury Manager:  $115,000 - CO
    Our Ohio banking recruiter had a job for a Treasury Manager in Ohio. He posted the job on the matchmaker website and a treasury management candidate that lived in Michigan wanted to move to Colorado. The candidate responded and they turned out to be a perfect fit. It pays to look at the jobs posted on the website.
  • Market President:  $230,000 - OH
    A banking recruiter in California posted a job for a Banking Market President in Ohio. Another banking recruiter in Chicago knew of a candidate who was interested in the job and the two recruiters worked together to relocate the candidate from Illinois to Ohio.
  • Branch Manager:  $92,000 - DC
    One of our members who lived in Georgia had a client bank that has branch offices in D.C. The bank wanted to hire a Branch Manager and the recruiter in Georgia placed a candidate who applied online for this position.
  • Director of Wealth Services:  $350,000 - DC
    A banking recruiter in New York had an opening for a Director of Wealth Services in D.C. The New York recruiter called another wealth management recruiter in Utah to network on the position. The Utah recruiter provided a candidate who was a great fit for the job.
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