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 Our recruiters work together cooperatively to make placements and it works!  Below are just some of the recent banking positions filled by our network. If you're looking for a new job opportunity, you're in the right place - Register FREE and start looking for your dream job! 

  • V.P. Commercial Real Estate Lender:  $130,000 - CA
    California banking recruiter posted a commercial banking job to Banking & FS Career Network and a local California real estate lender applied online for the position. Local candidate for a local job.
  • Senior Credit Officer:  $85,000 - TN
    Senior credit officer registered his resume online and a Tennessee banking recruiter found his resume in the Banking & FS Career Network database. It pays to post your resume. Don’t wait to be discovered.
  • Bank President:  $200,000 - IL
    Colorado banking recruiter had the job for a Bank President and another Illinois banking recruiter knew of a community Banking President who wanted to relocate back to Colorado. All of our banking recruiters have a natural reach and functional specificity.
  • Senior Credit Analyst:  $75,000 - GA
    A senior credit analyst registered on our website and completed a dream job alert and asked to be notified when a position matching his dream job became available. A Georgia banking recruiter alerted his banking jobs on the Banking & FS Career Network and the position and location was a perfect match. It pays to tell us about your dream job.
  • V.P. Commercial Lender:  $80,000 - VA
    A Pennsylvania Commercial Lender wanted to relocate to Virginia. He registered on our site and found a Virginia banking recruiter who specializes in placing commercial lenders in Virginia. The Virginia banking recruiter contacted a few of his client decision makers and quickly arranged 3 interviews. The Pennsylvania Commercial Lender received 3 offers and accepted one at a substantial increase in pay and in the exact location he wanted. It pays to know banking recruiters who can help you leverage your career.
  • V.P. Credit Administrator:  $115,000 - NC
    An Oklahoma banking recruiter posted a credit job for a V.P. Credit Administrator located in North Carolina. The V.P. Credit candidate applied online for the job. The executive recruiter and the candidate agreed that the position was not a good fit for the candidate. Shortly thereafter, another similar position became available and the V.P. Credit Administrator accepted the position with a substantial increase in compensation.
  • V.P. SBA Lender:  $75,000 - OH
    A V.P. SBA Lending was hired through an Ohio banking recruiter who found the SBA Lender’s resume in the Banking & FS Career Network database. The SBA Lender had been invited to come to the site by a Banking recruiter in New Jersey.
  • Banking Chief Information Officer:  $165,000 - FL
    Florida banking recruiter posted the position to the Banking & FS Career Network. The Banking Chief Information Officer was living in Iowa and was interested in jobs in Florida. He registered on the site and saw the position and was hired.
  • Agricultural Lender:  $65,000 - MN
    A Banking recruiter located in North Dakota was working on an Agricultural Lending job in Minnesota. The banking recruiter had set up a candidate search alert to notify him when an Agricultural Lender registered in the Banking & FS Career Network. The automated search alerted him to the registration of a new Agricultural Lender who was open to relocating to Minnesota from Iowa. It happened because the Agricultural Lender registered on the Banking & FS Career Network.
  • Commercial Loan Officer:  $125,000 - IL
    Ohio banking recruiter had a Commercial Banking job in Illinois. The recruiter had set up an automatic search alert to let him know when a candidate matching his requirements registered on the site Banking & FS Career Network. The recruiter called the candidate the first day that the candidate registered on the Banking & FS Career Network and the candidate was hired shortly thereafter.
  • Cash Management Sales:  $110,000 - CA
    A banking recruiter in Los Angeles had a search assignment for a cash management sales job in Southern California and a banking recruiter in San Diego called the Los Angeles recruiter with a perfect match. The recruiters reversed roles on this hire where the recruiter with the first job now had the candidate and the recruiter with the candidate now had the job.
  • Trust Officer:  $95,000 - NY
    A bank recruiter in NY had a personal trust job posted to the Banking & FS Career website. The candidate was employed but not content, so he registered on the Banking & FS Career Network and created his dream job search alert. Guess what happened? You’re right! Recruiter’s job came up as a perfect match for what the Bank Trust Officer was looking for and a great match was made.


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